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Can orthotics improve your sporting performance?

Many people are prescribed foot orthotics to treat injuries or correct their foot position. Usually this is done in response to the symptoms of a patient but could there be a side effect......improved sporting performance?


The persuit of sporting excellence is at the forefront of all athletes to run a second faster, jump a little higher or hit your drive further. So can foot orthotics and biomechanical assessments help? Yes! Runners move by contractions of muscles and the force and power generated is channelled through the feet to bring about propulsion. In order for this to be as efficient as possible the foot needs to be a rigid lever in an optimal position to ensure that power isn't lost or discipated in a direction other than the one that you want.


When a golfer steps up to the tee they want to combine accuracy and distance so, how can orthotics improve your drive? When the foot is in contact with the ground over-pronation leads to internal rotation of the tibia and subsequently the hip which reduces the range of motion available at the hips during the back swing. Changing the foot position of an over-pronated foot will help to open up the pelvis and increase the range of motion available and possibly the power available. Our biomechanical specialist Podiatrist Dan Broadhead can assess your foot position to determine if we can improve it's position and your hip position. Careful assessment and patient involvement will help to gain the best results without impacting upon your accuracy.


What sports can we help with?
We can help with any sport that requires foot function and weight-bearing. Such as:


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