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Foot Orthotics

Orthotics is the term used to describe an appliance or device that is fitted to someone to assist, support or alter the function of a joint or limb of their body. Podiatrists often prescribe foot orthotics to correct the position and function of the foot in response to injury, pain or reduced performance. Orthotics can bring about change in all or any of the joints from the lower back to the toes.


foot orthotics

Our experienced Podiatrists use both off the shelf (OTS) and custom made (CM) orthotics to give the best results and clinical outcomes during your treatment. Before we prescribe foot orthotics we will always perform a biomechanical assessment to see what is needed to give the best results for you.


Our biomechanical specialist Dan Broadhead also fits exclusive knee bracing from Össur UK including the Unloader One and CTI knee braces. For more information on the Össur braces please click here.


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