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Podiatrists specialise in the assessment of foot and lower limb biomechanics. Biomechanics is the study of movement and function of the bones and muscles and more importantly how they interact and work together. If the biomechanics of your foot and lower limb aren't working properly then it may lead to injury, reduced performance and even back, hip, knee or foot pain.


How your foot moves and functions can change the position and function of your ankle, knee, hip and pelvis. One term that many people will have heard about is "pronation". Pronation is a normal movement of the foot and ankle complex and is essential for shock absorbtion and foot biomechanics. Some people will have been told that they have an injury or pain because they "over-pronate" but what is over-pronation and how do we know it is the cause of your injury? We at Borders Podiatry would argue that it is not always over-pronation but sometimes the speed at which you pronate and also how long your foot is in a pronated position. Biomechanical assessment, often using video analysis, is essential to determine the amount, speed and duration of pronation occuring so that we can effectively and efficiently address any problems or imbalances through exercises, strapping and orthotics.

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Anyone could benefit from a biomechanical assessment but more specifically if any of the following sound familiar then get in touch:
  • Foot pain when standing or walking
  • Regular injuries or muscle pulls to the legs
  • Ankle, knee, hip or lower back pain when running
  • Chronic injuries that other treatments haven't fixed
  • Large amounts of hard skin under your foot or on your big toe
  • Joint pain in your knee, especially when doing exercise
  • Stabbing pains or throbbing feet

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