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Borders Podiatry & Chiropody have years of experience in the treatment of children, especially when it comes to their foot function and the development of foot arches. The key to successful treatment of children is knowing when to intervene and more importantly when not to intervene! Our biomechanical lead Podiatrist, Dan Broadhead has successfully treated children from as young as 3 years old and works closely with the parents to ensure their child achieves the best outcomes and benefits with minimal disruption to their routine.


Should you book an appointment for your child?

If you are concerned that your child has flat feet, knock knees, poor balance or clumsy when running or walking around then we can help. Through the use of specialist exercises and sometimes insoles for their shoes we can put your childs feet into a better position to help with foot function, balance, flat feet and knock knees.


What to expect during the appointment

Dan Broadhead will look at your childs foot function, ankle and knee positions and how they walk to ascertain if their foot function and gait (walking) is in keeping with their age and level of development. If there are any problems then Dan will discuss with you and your child the best course of action. Dan believes that it is essential to gain the trust and co-operation of your child as their involvement and understanding of the treatment always leads to the best results.


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